Aging is Certain.  Healthy Aging is Choice.

Do you want to live a long and healthy life?

Do you want to enjoy your life all the way to becoming a centenarian?

  That’s what Health News InBrief is about — to help you discover today’s health news that could help you improve your and your family’s path to healthy living.   Everyone’s health journey is different, because we are all unique physically, mentally, emotionally, life experiences, environmental exposures — everything!  How do you keep up with the latest health news? Our answer is to follow medical and health research being reported each day by research organizations from around the world. Health science is not set in stone–it’s ever-changing.  Everyday new discovers are being made and established issues are changing – being confirmed, being altered, not being supported, being emphasized, being de-emphasized.  I hope you find the data in our searchable health news database helpful and relevant to finding answers to your health questions.     Thank you. Jim Barnhart